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Meter Failure

meter failure

If you have an 04-09 Prius and are experiencing a black screen where the speedometer and fuel gauge should be, don’t fret! This is a very common problem for this model of Prius, but luckily we can do the repair for MUCH cheaper than the Toyota dealership.

Pruis Code B1271

What to expect if your combination meter fails-

Typically, the combination meter fails, Prius Code B1271, due to a capacitor that shorts out over time. This problem can be very intermittent. One day you can’t see your dash, the next day its fine…

Not only does this failure make viewing your speedometer and gas gauge impossible, but it can cause a host of other issues:

  • The diagnostic Prius Code B1271 -“Combination meter ECU communication stops” may be present if you scan for codes.
  • Rear hatch may not open.
  • Some warning lights on dash will not be visible. There may be a problem that goes undiscovered due to the inability to see a check engine, hybrid or brake light etc.
  • The rear view camera may not be visible.
  • The car might have trouble turning off and the key may get stuck in the key slot. If this happens, hold down the power button for a few seconds and try again.

These problems can be very frustrating and potentially dangerous especially if you have to guess your MPH and how much fuel is left in the tank. Definitely don’t wait too long to have the combination meter repaired if you can.

How can we help?

Our Texas based mobile mechanic service can replace your faulty combination meter with a refurbished unit that is programmed to match your odometer. The whole process takes under an hour in your driveway!  

For questions or current pricing call (979) 848-6868.

Pruis Code B1271

Dash after removal


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