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P0A93-Prius Inverter Water Pump

P0A93-Prius Inverter Water Pump

he Prius is always, sometimes an elusive creature and tracking down the source of seemingly random warning lights, sounds and smells is what we do best. 

Hi everyone, we are replacing several Generation II (2004-2009) Prius inverter water pumps lately so I thought it may be helpful to explain what to expect if yours fails and how it affects your wallet as well. The most common scenario we hear from our customers is that the infamous Triangle of Death appears, but the Prius still drives normally for short distances. When diagnostic codes are checked, the code present is P0A93. If the warning is ignored and the car is continuously driven, there is a great risk of overheating the hybrid inverter. An inverter replacement is much more costly and time consuming than simply replacing the pump, so my advice is to take action quickly. 

Typically, when the pump dies, its because its DC brushless motor fails internally. This usually keeps the warning light illuminated, but sometimes the failure may be intermittent and the warning light will come and go. If your having intermittent warning lights and P0A93 code in the diagnostic history, its best to go ahead and get the pump replaced. 

This little water of pump of doom can actually make the Prius stall…while driving. This is uncommon, but I feel it should be mentioned. When the pump shorts internally the AM2 fuse can blow, which in an unfortunate chain reaction, will cut power to the Power Source Control ECU (diagnostic code B1210). In this scenario you may have a burnt/electrical smell and you will definitely have a Prius that won’t drive until the pump and fuse are replaced. 

We’ve heard many of tales of misdiagnosed inverter water pump failure. One dealership recommended total engine replacement to remedy a shorted pump and fuse, but luckily the owner called us to get a second opinion. If you’re ever second guessing a diagnosis on your hybrid, please call, email or live chat with us! We can figure out most problems just by listening to your experience and the vehicles symptoms. 

Hope this helps! 


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