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Hybrid Auto Repair Services

Hybrid Auto Repair Services

In addition to battery installation, Hometown Hybrids offers a variety of services to keep your hybrid on the road. Mobile installation may be available under certain circumstances.  Please call us at 979-848-6868 for more information or to schedule a repair.

Brake Actuator / Accumulator Replacement

We can diagnose and replace a faulty brake accumulator / actuator unit. We only use NEW OEM factory replacements. Due to safety and reliability concerns, we do not recommend used or re-manufactured actuators.

Combination Meter Repair and Replacement

We can repair or replace your faulty combination meter. In addition we offer odometer reprogramming if you purchased a combination meter from another source and the mileage is not accurate.

Inverter Replacement

We can repair or replace your failed inverter. By breaking down the symptoms, diagnostic codes, and some money saving strategies, we will get you back up and running.

Coolant Control Valve Replacement

We can fix that check engine light and code P1121. When you see the code, it means your coolant flow valve needs to be replaced.

Engine and/or Inverter Water Pump Replacement

We can replace your inverter water pump. If you are getting an error code, don't ignore it. There are great risks when continuing to drive without having the inverter water pump checked out. You may only need a pump replacement instead of a inverter replacement.

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